Instrument Focus: Why is Left Handed Instrumentation Important?

By MWI Animal Health

Performing surgical procedures requires high levels of precision and dexterity. The natural force that a right-handed surgeon applies to instruments designed for right-handed surgeons is not intuitive to the left-handed surgeon and requires more deliberate thought to achieve the same results.

Operating using instruments intended for right-handed surgeons also forces the left-handed user into unnatural positions, which is inefficient for the muscle-groups involved, thereby impeding the surgeon’s skills. Did you know that Securos Surgical offers a line of left-handed instruments to suit the individual needs of all of your surgeons? 

Our solution was to choose a line of instruments to offer to our left-handed customers that would make their jobs easier and allow for more comfortable, precise action. Instruments in which laterality is a concern are those that have ratchets or blades. As such, Securos Surgical is proud to offer an option of left-handed needle holders, hemostats and scissors. For ratcheting instruments, the ratchet mechanism is on the right shank and for scissors, the left shank overlaps the right, which allows for better visibility and handling.   

To distinguish left-handed instruments from right-handed instruments, one handle is color coded black.  We are happy to create custom left-handed surgical packs or help replenish your existing packs with our premium left-handed instruments. For more information, contact us today at

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