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Caring for those who care

From the beginning, understanding your practice has shaped everything we do. Trust us for innovation, quality and value…all delivered with the industry’s most personalized service. We’re Securos Surgical, the standard for customer experience.
Why Securos?

From a living room to a world leader

Securos was founded in 1997 by Dr. Karl H. Kraus, MS, DVCAS, in his suburban Massachusetts home. Guided by his expertise as a practitioner, engineer and instructor, Dr. Kraus and his team of veterinary experts developed orthopedics and precise surgical tools to advance techniques and technology for animal health.

First, he patented a more versatile external fixation system that allows vets to adjust assemblies without administering anesthesia. Next, he and his team invented the Securos Crimping System, now called the PowerX Crimper in its 4th generation, which creates a precision-engineered wave pattern, clinically proven to be stronger than other methods.

Dr. Kraus’s inventions were revolutionary, precise and practical—qualities that remain fundamental to our product development today. Based on his work, we've become a leading provider of implants, sutures and surgical instruments globally, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Our people

Like Dr. Kraus, our team infuses biomedical and engineering expertise with ingenuity and a passion for providing quality service. We have spent our careers in and around animal health practices, so we understand the realities of yours.
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Teaching tomorrow's methods, today

Since our founding, providing quality educational opportunities has fueled our greater mission. Just as Dr. Kraus shared his medical advances with students and colleagues, Securos University offers continuing education courses for veterinary professionals. Our experienced faculty is committed to a hands-on approach that gives participants practical experience using cutting-edge tools to perform safe, procedurally sound techniques.
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MWI Animal Health: A proven partner

As our exclusive partner, and one of the largest distributors of animal orthopedic technologies in the United States, MWI helps us deliver equipment and products to you quickly and safely. Over the course of 50 years, MWI has built their network on strong relationships and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Both Securos and MWI are part of the AmerisourceBergen family, giving us access to a network of resources and expertise that helps ensure our products and service are best in class. 
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