Premium quality. Uncompromising value.

We offer quality you can trust and service that always delivers. Industry-leading tensile strength. A sampling program that lets you experience our sutures first-hand. An unmatched, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. All priced at an average of 38% less than other industry leaders. Click on the link below to learn how our premium quality suture compares to the other market leader.
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Exclusively premium sutures

Quality you can feel

Quality matters. That’s why every single one of our 250 different suture options is made in the United States with premium materials, industry-leading tensile strength, and needles that require 12-20% less force to pull through tissue than comparable products on the market. We only make premium products, but don't charge premium prices: We support your hospital’s financial health, and the health of your patients, without sacrificing quality or performance.
Surgical hands holding needle nose pulling suture from the racetrack package

More suture, less memory

Made with your practice in mind

Unlike many leading sutures on the animal health market that are produced for human use, our sutures are tailor-made for your practice. We make diverse lines that address veterinary concerns, while complying with human quality standards in an FDA-registered and audited production facility that meets USP specifications.

Our standard 12-count packaging helps keep your inventory low and storage efficient, reducing waste. Our most popular lines are made three inches longer than other industry leaders, sparing you the frustration of having to open another pack to throw just one more knot. We offer dental sutures in more mouth-friendly 18-inch lengths. And our racetrack card packaging reduces suture memory, optimizing handling on all our lines.

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Smarter by design

Delight, guaranteed.

Choosing your suture line is a personal decision. You want to try it, feel it, and see the results. That’s why we offer a sampling program that lets you experience the quality of our line, without committing to a full order. We’re so confident you’ll love working with our product, we back every box with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.
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