Instrument Focus: How clean are your instruments?

By Securos Surgical

A major component of infection control in the veterinary clinic is the cleaning and sanitizing of surgical instruments. Following a proper cleaning protocol can improve the safety of your patients and also prolong the life span of your instruments. While manual cleaning of gross debris from your instruments is important, it is also imperative to consider the use of an ultrasonic cleaner.
Veterinary surgical tools being cleaned

Ultrasonic cleaners produce inaudible ultrasonic waves of energy that create oscillating forces, causing millions of microscopic cavities, or bubbles, to form in the detergent solution.  Once the cavities reach their maximum threshold, they implode, creating a void, in a process called cavitation.  When cavitation occurs near a dirty instrument, the vacuum action created by the imploding bubbles creates a pressure wave that it is capable of removing debris and microorganisms from areas in accessible during manual cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning creates a standardized method of cleaning, which is difficult to achieve during manual cleaning.  When preceded by manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning results in an even greater reduction of bioburden that using either method alone.  Since a dirty instrument cannot be properly sterilized, the use of an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all traces of bio-burden can increase the effectiveness of sterilization.  The complete removal of all bio-burden also protects your instruments from corrosion damage that occurs when blood, tissue and serums are baked onto an instrument in the autoclave.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an important step in ensuring the safety and health of your patients, surgery after surgery.  Additionally, by following the Securos instrument cleaning protocol and the directions on your ultrasonic cleaner, you will enjoy your instruments for years to come.

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