Understanding surgical instrument quality grades

By Securos Surgical

Surgical instruments are graded based on a number of requirements; materials, craftsmanship and quality control are all factors in determining the overall quality and grade of an instrument.
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Premium instruments are manufactured from high quality 400-series German Stainless Steel. Master Craftsmen are involved in each portion of the manufacturing process, performing rigorous quality control inspections throughout the manufacturing process. Premium instruments typically have a matte or satin finish to reduce glare from surgical lighting. Premium quality promises a precise, corrosion resistant instrument that will last the surgeon for many years, providing that it is cared for properly. Typically, premium instruments have comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties.

Mid-grade instruments are also manufactured using 400-series German Stainless Steel, but these instruments are often finished outside of Germany and are subject to less rigorous quality inspections. Mid-grade instruments may also have a matte or satin finish. The mid-grade quality instrument is typically offered with a minimal warranty and at a lower price point.

Economy instruments are manufactured using 400 Series Stainless Steel from varying sources and may rust and corrode quickly. Few quality control checks are made during the manufacturing process, further reducing quality and standards. Typically, economy instruments have a shiny finish and are often less expensive to replace than they are to service. 

While it may seem cost effective, choosing to purchase economy grade instruments may not be as sensible as you would think. Multiple replacement and repair costs will exceed the cost of purchasing premium instruments that should last many years when cared for properly.

Did you know?

Securos takes pride in our ability to offer premium quality instruments with an exceptional warranty and at a price point you will love! 


Securos Surgical will sharpen, align and refinish Securos instruments at no cost for the lifetime of the instrument. Contact us at www.securos.com/repairs or call 877.266.43349 option #2 for more information on our repair services.

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