Our People

The people behind the promise

“We build our work around the way you work.” For us, that’s a promise. A promise to understand the day-to-day realities of your practice. A promise to provide the highest level of customer care, along with the highest-quality surgical products on the animal health market. We’re the people of Securos Surgical, raising the standard for customer experience.

Meet our leaders

Steve Fitzpatrick

Sales and General Manager - United States

Steve Fitzpatrick has held senior-level positions in medical device companies in both the human and animal health markets. He has extensive experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Steve has held management positions around the globe, working in Asia, Europe and the United States. Much of his 35 years of medical device experience is in orthopedics working with sports medicine physicians in the National Football League.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science from Boston College and an MBA from Babson College.

Rob Latch

Finance and Business Manager - United States

Robert Latch is the Finance and Business Manager for Securos Surgical, an AmerisourceBergen Animal Health business unit, where he is responsible for day-to-day business operations and financial reporting. In 2018, Rob was appointed as Managing Director for Securos Europe GmbH.

He joined Securos Surgical in 2014, having spent 23 years running a small business, and five years at AT&T working in international finance.

Rob has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Stockton University.

Clare Potts

Business Manager - Securos United Kingdom

Clare qualified as a Veterinary Nurse from the College of Animal Welfare in 2001 and worked in a small animal practice in Sheffield, England as Head Nurse for nearly a decade. She moved into the orthopedic and instrument industry in 2008 and worked as a Veterinary Technical Adviser.

In 2013 Clare began her journey with Securos, where she now manages U.K.-based operations. She introduced Securos's ever-popular Orthopedic Continuing Professional Development (Continuing Education) program to the United Kingdom, and she brought new product lines such as suture, procedure packs and hand instruments to practices in that market.

Michel Wipperling

International Sales Director and General Manager - Securos Europe GmbH

Michel has held various positions in medical device companies in both the human and animal health markets. He has extensive experience in International Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Michel has held management positions in Europe, working in Asia and Europe. Much of his 20 years of medical device experience is in human orthopedics and animal health working with diplomates and faculty. He joined Securos Europe in 2007.

Michel has an MBA from Lörrach University of cooperative education Germany.

Supporting the customer experience

Our team is comprised of talented and dedicated animal healthcare professionals. We cultivate a nurturing atmosphere where qualified candidates can maximize their skills, interests and experience. Learn more about the different ways our people can support you, every step of the way.

Product Managers

Our product managers work closely with our engineers, manufacturers and distributors to ensure the successful launch of products that meet your surgical needs. They work with our education department to develop trainings on the latest advances in our techniques and technology. 

Outside Sales Specialists

With a background in human and veterinary orthopedics, these specialists provide technical expertise to help you select the right products for your practice. They demonstrate our equipment during in-clinic visits, ensuring you have the knowledge to use our products successfully.   

Continuing Education Coordinators  

Continuing Education (CE) is a cornerstone of our relationships with veterinarians all over the world. Our CE coordinators plan and execute all wet labs and other CE events, manage communication with participants, and support the development and refinement of programs through solicited feedback. 

Quality Control and Purchasing

Our QC Department inspects all incoming inventory by hand for appearance, etching, functionality and critical dimensions—quantities of approximately 300,000 individual items per year, across over 2500 SKUs. Our Purchasing Department cultivates strong international manufacturing relationships to maintain our supply of quality products.

Repair Service Center

Our repair team delivers on our promise to maintain our products throughout the instrument’s lifetime. They receive repair requests, facilitate shipping, then inspect and service your instruments. Because we treat them as if they were our own, we return serviced items to your practice as quickly as possible, so you can continue caring for your patients without missing a beat.

Meet our faculty

Steven Fox, MS, DVM, MBA, PhD

Karl Kraus, DVM, MS, DACVS

Ross Palmer, DVM, MS, DACVS

Matthew D. Barnhart, DVM, MS, DACVS

Paul Q. Mitchell, DVM, DAVDC

Randi Brannan, DVM, DAVDC


Duncan Midgley, BVMS, CERTSAO, MRCVS

Filippo Maria Martini, CVM