Steven Fox, MS, DVM, MBA, PhD

Experience and diversity are the hallmarks of Dr. Fox's professional background. He is presently a private consultant for several prominent animal health companies and specialty organizations, as well as Chief Medical Officer for Securos Surgical. Dr. Fox received his MS (nutritional biochemistry) and DVM degrees from the University of Illinois and both MBA (Entrepreneurialism and New Ventures) and PhD (Pain Management) degrees from Massey University in New Zealand. He completed his surgical residency at the University of Florida and practiced surgical referrals for 15 years.
He has served on the Veterinary Teaching Hospital faculty at Mississippi State University, as product manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, senior lecturer in companion animal orthopedic surgery at Massey University, senior veterinary specialist at Pfizer Animal Health, and director of pain management for Novartis Animal Health. Dr. Fox played a key role in the development and launch of both the Rimadyl and Deramax branded NSAIDs. He is a former president of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society and is a certified small animal surgical specialist in New Zealand.

Dr. Fox is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Illinois, as well as adjunct associate professor at Massey University; advisor to the University of Tennessee Pain Center, founding member of the Companion Animal Pain Management Consortium Leadership Council, and Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management. Dr. Fox is also an Educational Manager for the Western Veterinary Conference, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.
He enjoys dual citizenship in the United States and New Zealand. In addition, Dr. Fox has authored more than 80 professional publications, 3 textbooks, 6 textbook chapters, and 2 interactive CD/DVDs. He is a popular international speaker on the subjects of pain management and musculoskeletal diseases.
Before beginning his career in veterinary medicine, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the United States Naval Academy and flew more than 300 combat missions as a naval aviator in Vietnam while serving concurrently as Officer of the Deck aboard the USS Enterprise.

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