Securos Surgical and the “Gorilla Doctors” Need Your Help!

By Securos Surgical

Did you know? Securos Surgical partners with Arbutus Medical to promote quality surgical products and services to help veterinary practices.

Arbutus Medical’s drill and saw solutions, the DrillCover and SawCover Systems, are supplied by Securos Surgical - through MWI Animal Health -  in both the U.S. and Europe.  These solutions play a key role in the animal health field and provide customers in developing countries an accessible and sterile surgical solution.

One veterinary group that depends on these products are the “Gorilla Doctors.” The group works to rescue and treat mountain gorillas in eastern and southern Africa and is on the front-lines fighting to help the struggling species survive. The doctors immerse themselves into the wild over an extended period and perform life-saving surgery to gorillas who are injured in their natural habitat.

Securos Surgical and Arbutus Medical are actively promoting fundraising efforts to raise money for the “Gorilla Doctors.” Access to surgical saws are limited, and fundraising efforts are in place to help the “Gorilla Doctors” obtain the necessary instruments needed to perform surgeries. Associates can make a direct impact by donating to the program and gorilla doctors HERE.

Click HERE to learn more about this inspiring group of individuals and donate today!