Celebrating World Spay Day

By Amanda Esposito

Fun on World Spay Day

Pretend surgery on a stuffed animal dog
Three vet techs being funny with e-collars on
World Spay Day is an annual campaign promoting affordable spay and neuter surgeries and is endorsed by Humane Society International and the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.  At Securos Surgical, we recognize that our customers work day in and day to do their share in controlling the overpopulation of companion pets, so we wanted to reward their efforts with a chance to win a Securos Surgical Spay Pack (canine or feline).  In our monthly Securos Newsletter, Instrument Focus section, we advertised that on February 27th, 2018 they could go to our Facebook Page, like our page and share a photo of their surgical team having fun on World Spay Day.  

We voted as a team and the 1st place winner (and winner of the spay pack) was Animal Medical Center of Middletown* in Louisville, KY! Because the entries were all so awesome and creative, we also sent to each of the four runners-ups two of our Vet Tech Packs as well. Fun was had by all and some new friendships created. 

*Celebrating World Spay Day in Louisville Ky at Animal Medical Center of Middletown! Successful C-section and subsequent spay of our resident unicorn! Who knew they were glittery inside as well as out!! Mom and baby doing great.

Product shot of Vet Tech pack

Vet Tech Pack

Product shot of Vet Tech pack

The Vet Tech Pack includes:

▪(1) Spencer Stitch Scissor 3.5”
▪(1) Halsted Mosquito Forceps 5” Curved
▪(1) Lister Bandage Scissor 5.5”
▪(1) Leather Instrument Pouch

All instruments carry the Securos Surgical lifetime warranty for quality and workmanship as well as free repairs and maintenance.

Product shot of Vet Tech pack

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