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Extracapsular Stabilization - Crimping

Veterinary Surgery

For extracapsular suture stabilization of cranial cruciate ligament failure, most surgeons favor monofilament nylon leader line.  However, knotting large gauge nylon results in bulky knots that often show slippage.  
Investigators have consistently demonstrated that crimped nylon loops elongate less than knotted loops under tension.  Accordingly, ‘crimping’ has replaced knotting.  Different manufacturers offer different sized crimp clamps and there are differently designed instruments used to pinch the crimp clamps. The Securos crimping instrument features a 5X mechanical advantage due to its multi-action design, a crushing detent to avoid over-crimping and a resultant wave-form crushing pattern that provides multiple contact points of the encased suture with a single crush.  Comparative studies have demonstrated the superior holding strength of the Securos system, providing confidence of a consistent, secure clinical response.

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“Mechanical Evaluation of Two Crimp Clamp Systems for Extracapsular Stabilization of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament-Deficient Canine Stifle”

Andrew P. Moores, BVSc, DSAS(Ortho), Diplomate ECVS, Allison L. Beck, BVSc(Hons), CertSAS, Diplomate ECVS, Karin J.M. Jespers, BSc, MSc, Zoe Halfacree, MA, VetMB, CertVDI, and Alan, M. Wilson, BSc, BVMS, PhD 

Veterinary Surgery, Issue 35: 470-475, 2006


“Mechanical Comparison of Two Knots and Two Crimp Systems for Securing Nylon Line Used for Extra-Articular Stabilization of the Canine Stifle”

Maria L. Vianna, DVM and Simon C. Roe, BVSc, PhD

Veterinary Surgery Issue 35: 567-572, 2006

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