Our Story

Caring for those who care

From the beginning, understanding your practice has shaped everything we do. Trust us for innovation, quality and value…all delivered with the industry’s most personalized service. We’re Securos Surgical, the standard for customer experience.

Securos Europe

In 2007, we grew our global reach by opening our Securos Europe office in Tuttlingen, Germany—a small village recognized for over a century as the center of high-quality instrument manufacturing. The new office provided a local sales presence and became an efficient training facility that enhanced our relationships with our manufacturers and established distribution capabilities across Europe. More than 50% of our product line is manufactured within ten miles of the Securos Europe office.

Securos United Kingdom

In 2012, we expanded yet again by opening an office in the United Kingdom. We partnered with our sister company in the AmerisourceBergen network, Centaur Services, as our UK distributor. With a strong focus on Continuing Professional Development, we’ve trained over 600 surgeons in advanced surgical techniques since wet and dry labs began in 2013. Our CCWO plate was developed out of the U.K. office, with support from our faculty partners.

Teaching tomorrow's methods, today

Since our founding, providing quality educational opportunities has fueled our greater mission. Just as Dr. Kraus shared his medical advances with students and colleagues, Securos University offers continuing education courses for veterinary professionals. Our experienced faculty is committed to a hands-on approach that gives participants practical experience using cutting-edge tools to perform safe, procedurally sound techniques.

MWI Animal Health: A proven partner

As our exclusive partner, and one of the largest distributors of animal orthopedic technologies in the United States, MWI helps us deliver equipment and products to you quickly and safely. Over the course of 50 years, MWI has built their network on strong relationships and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Both Securos and MWI are part of the AmerisourceBergen family, giving us access to a network of resources and expertise that helps ensure our products and service are best in class.