Strengthening innovation

When our founder Dr. Kraus developed a more user-friendly External Skeletal Fixation clamp in 1997, he set an example: Build products that make it more efficient to deliver the best possible care. That simple directive has shaped our product development for over twenty years.

External Skeletal Fixation

Thinking outside the bone

Our External Skeletal Fixation (ESF) clamp changed the industry by allowing surgeons to add or remove pins without disrupting the existing construct. That means you can adjust the system dynamically—allowing the construct to become less rigid, encouraging healing—without putting the animal under anesthesia. Available in two different styles, the U Clamp system is made of stainless steel, while the TITAN system employs radiolucent carbon fiber or aluminum connecting rods that reduce weight while maintaining strength.

PAX Polyaxial Locking Plate System

Versatility meets strength

Continuing our tradition of innovation, the patented PAX system was the first polyaxial locking plate osteosynthesis system on the veterinary market. More versatile than conventional locking plates, PAX’s polyaxial design allows you to adjust screw angles up to 10 degrees to avoid joints and other anatomical structures. Made from biocompatible titanium, PAX’s locking plates provide stability while protecting periosteal blood flow and promoting healing.

Conventional plating systems

High quality, high standards

Conventional stainless steel plating systems provide the ideal method of stabilization for multiple indications and fracture patterns. We offer a complete line of non-locking, premium-quality implants and instruments that follow AO/ASIF/ASTM/ISO standards, and are manufactured in FDA-registered and audited facilities that also serve the human orthopedic industry.