Power Equipment

Putting the right power in the right paws

The right tool should always be within reach. We offer two lines of orthopedic power systems that meet your practice’s needs and budget, without compromising on quality or patient safety. 

Arbutus Drill and Saw Covers 

The Arbutus system converts a hardware drill or sagittal saw into a sterile surgical tool. As a Level 4 barrier against liquids and pathogens, the cover is guaranteed for 75 cycles in the autoclave. Designed to make sterile surgical tools more affordable, the Arbutus system is a perfect solution for small practices, allowing you to retain more revenue with in-house orthopedic procedures.

Making surgery more accessible

The Arbutus system was created by biomedical engineers at the University of British Colombia in order to make sterile tools more accessible to surgeons in the developing world. Developed and approved for use in human medicine, the Arbutus system makes surgery safer and more affordable for humans and animals alike.

Get your paws on it.

We know how important it is to experience how power equipment feels in your hands. We will happily provide a demo of our MicroAire and Arbutus systems for you to try. Contact us to find out how.