Free Continued Education

This offer expired June 30, 2020.

Free 60-Day Subscription

The VetBloom subscription is composed of 100+ CE credits, RACE-approved for both Veterinarians and Technicians, in addition to a scaffolded curriculum of 80 technician protocols. Enjoy the benefits of the growing VetBloom Learning Ecosystem as on-demand courses are added monthly. 

Information on the 60-day subscription:

  • It's completely free, no credit card needed.
  • On the VetBloom registration page, click "Buy Now" and follow the registration instructions. The price should be set to $0.
  • It expires automatically after 60-days unless you decide to pay to extend it.
  • You must use the link that Securos provides to receive the free subscription. 
  • Click on one of the links below to watch a Securos video. At the end of the video, your browser will be automatically redirected to the VetBloom registration page for the free subscription.