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This offer expired June 30, 2020.

Free 60-Day Subscription

The VetBloom subscription is composed of 100+ CE credits, RACE-approved for both Veterinarians and Technicians, in addition to a scaffolded curriculum of 80 technician protocols. Enjoy the benefits of the growing VetBloom Learning Ecosystem as on-demand courses are added monthly. 

Information on the 60-day subscription:

  • It's completely free, no credit card needed.
  • On the VetBloom registration page, click "Buy Now" and follow the registration instructions. The price should be set to $0.
  • It expires automatically after 60-days unless you decide to pay to extend it.
  • You must use the link that Securos provides to receive the free subscription. 
  • Click on one of the links below to watch a Securos video. At the end of the video, your browser will be automatically redirected to the VetBloom registration page for the free subscription. 

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Watch one of the videos to receive your free 60-day subscription to VetBloom

Premium Sutures


Learn about the premium suture Securos Surgical offers for veterinary surgeons. Made with your practice in mind,Securos suture offers quality you can trust and service that always delivers.
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Quality Instruments


Learn about the premium instruments Securos Surgical offers for veterinary surgeons. Peace of mind doesn’t need to cost a premium. Securos instruments provide value, procedure after procedure.
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Sterile Power


Learn how Securos is making surgery more accessible with the Arbutus Drill and Saw cover systems. The Arbutus systems was created in order to make sterile tools more accessible to surgeons in the developing world.