March 19, 2020

Securos UK: Introduction to PAX Locking System

Northampton, Marriot Hotel | London, England


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Event Postponed

As part of a global healthcare organization, we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to global efforts to contain and minimize the spread of COVID-19, as well as protect our associates and yours. With this in mind, we have made the decision to postpone the Securos UK: Introduction to PAX Locking System event, originally scheduled for March 19, 2020.  At this time, we are working to reschedule this event and will post the most up-to-date information on this page as plans develop. 

We recognise that this travel disruption will come as disappointing news, and again want to reiterate that we are working to postpone, not cancel, as we place a high importance on bringing together this valued group of practitioners that have made a continued commitment to Securos University. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Introduction to PAX Locking System

Lecture and Dry Lab

PAX is one of a few locking systems that allows the screw to be placed at an angle. In this course we look at how internal fixation has evolved from nonlocking to locking systems and how they are used differently in application. With hundreds of cases, Duncan will share some of his successes and experiences whilst using the PAX locking systems which will arm you with a good understanding when making the jump from traditional to angle stable systems.

Course Objectives:
  • Review of the development of locking plate systems
  • Review of the biomechanical principles of locking and non-locking plate systems
  • Familiarisation with, and the correct use of, the PAX locking system instruments
  • How to appropriately select patients
  • Application of implants of the PAX locking system to the tibia, femur and humerus in the dry lab


Experienced Surgeons and Teachers

Duncan Midgley, BVMS, CERTSAO, MRCVS
CE Wet Lab Hands-on Course

Course Includes

£300 Registration Fee

• 10:1 Student/Teacher Ratio • Hands on dry lab • 6 Hours CPD • Lunch and snacks provided
CE Wet Lab Hands-on Course


19 March 2020

Northampton, Marriott Hotel Eagle Dr Northampton  NN4 7HW
CE Wet Lab Hands-on Course
CE Wet Lab Hands-on Course

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CE Wet Lab Hands-on Course
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CE Wet Lab Hands-on Course

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