Securos University 2021 Continuing Education Program

By Securos Surgical

Our mission is to exceed your expectations for continuing education (CE). Since our founding, we’ve helped veterinarians build their skills through clinically-focused wet labs conducted by recognized specialists using state-of-the-art, quality instrumentation. And because we always gather feedback, we continually refine our offerings to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need when you trust us with your time. Whether in one of our hands-on labs or through an online course, our dynamic faculty will share practical insights to help expand your surgical knowledge.

8:1 Student/Teach Ratio

We understand the importance of one-on-one time with instructors. To maximize each attendee’s time with our expert surgeons, Securos University 2021 events maintain at least an 8:1 student/teacher ratio. More instructors mean attendees spend more time learning practical and relevant knowledge from certified surgical experts.

Online Lectures

Our pre-recorded lectures are available on-demand through our partnership with VetBloom. Attendees are granted access to the online lectures 30 days before the wet lab. This gives everyone ample time to complete the required lectures at their convenience. Attendees are also able to review sections multiple times before and after the wet lab. The lead instructor provides a quick review of the online material at the beginning of each lab based on the quiz results, so as to provide a customized learning experience. Online lectures allow Securos University to provide as much hands-on experience during the wet lab as possible.

Hands-On Labs

Practice makes perfect at Securos University. We design our courses to provide the most hands-on experience possible. During our 4-hour wet labs, each attendee takes lead on one surgery utilizing a canine cadaver knee and assists on a second. The TPLO and TTA courses feature 8-hour wet labs, allowing each attendee time for initial practice on a bone model then practice as lead surgeon on two cadaver knees with an assist on two additional surgeries.

Post-Lab Support

For the veterinarians that wish for additional practice at home, Securos Surgical offers a free practice cadaver and supplies with qualifying purchases. In addition, Securos offers complimentary procedural support from our surgical experts. We encourage every attendee to submit pre-op planning measurements on practice or live cases, as well as post-op radiographs for surgical critique.

On-Site Radiographs

Learning is a process, so Securos University’s 2021 events include on-site radiographs for cadaver pre-op planning measurements and post-op radiographic critique. The TTA and TPLO courses feature two rounds of cadaver work, and each round includes time for the instructor’s evaluation of every cadaver’s post-op radiographs. This maximizes the learning experience for each attendee, allowing them to refine their surgical technique in real-time.

VetRay Technology by Sedecal provides on-site x-ray equipment and support, performing over 150 views at each Securos University 2021 event. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of x-ray equipment and now offer the best selection in digital detector technology. VetRay Technology offers the Digital DX-V which provides HD images within seconds as well as procedural planning software.

Protecting Attendees and Staff from COVID-19

Our world is changing, and we passionately believe that Securos Surgical/Securos University has an important role in supporting the veterinary community as we all continue to move forward. As part of a global healthcare organization, we have a responsibility to contribute to global efforts to contain and minimize the spread of COVID-19, as well as protect our associates and yours. With this in mind, Securos Surgical leadership is continually monitoring and evaluating communications and guidelines from AmerisourceBergen and government and healthcare officials. As it pertains to our Securos University Wet Labs in 2021, we will keep attendees informed of any update, changes, or adjustments that may arise as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

For the Securos University wet labs in 2021, Securos supplies personal protective equipment (PPE) for every attendee, faculty member, and support staff in attendance. For additional protection this year, Securos has added face shields and surgical aprons to our PPE supplies. We’ve also booked additional space for each event to accommodate social distancing guidelines and minimize unnecessary contact with fellow wet lab attendees. In addition, Securos has eliminated shared resource tables by upgrading each attendee’s workshop table with assigned resources and more surgical space. As a final measure to reduce potential cross contamination, Securos will offer all PowerPoint notes and surveys in a digital format and only offer printed material upon request.

Featured Events

Austin City Image

Austin, TX

Securos University: Austin

April 24, 2021–April 25, 2021

Boston, MA

Securos University: Boston

September 11, 2021–September 12, 2021

Available Courses

  • Extracapsular Stifle Stabilization
  • Patellar Luxation Correction
  • Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)
  • Tibial Plateau-Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Principles of Locking Plates

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