Securos Home Customer Service

The SECUROS TPLO plates are uniquely designed with an engineered anatomical profile that simplifies contouring. They are fully machined – NOT CAST – 100% medically certified implant grade stainless steel with increased stiffness and limited contact with cortical bone. The low profile makes closing tissue layers easier and improves the cosmetic result. The SECUROS TPLO Plate easily achieves compression has no stress risers and the staggered holes improves torsional holding of the osteotomy.

The SECUROS has created Broad plates for both the 2.7mm and 3.5mm plates. The 3.5mm Broad plate eliminates the need to double plate larger dogs and has 8 screw holes. The 2.7mm Broad plate allows the surgeon to still plate smaller to medium dogs that are too big for the regular 2.7mm but too small for the 3.5mm. The SECUROS TPLO plates are all ceramic-blasted for the “Anti-Glare” finish that reduces the amount of glare from the surgical lights. All of the SECUROS TPLO Plates are precontoured, that is pre-shaped, for the surgeon reducing time in surgery for bending and adjustments. The new PAX TPLO Locking System will be available soon.