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The DrillCover Hex System is designed for small and large animal veterinarians. The DrillCover transforms a low-cost power drill into a 100% sealed and sterile surgical drilling solution, letting you perform worry-free orthopaedic surgery.

Features and Benefits

1. A fully-sealed Level 4 barrier that provides the highest protection against fluids and pathogens.

2. Paired with a robust DeWalt power drill that matches the speed, torque and feel of a surgical drill.

DrillCover Hex System Detailer

DrillCover Hex System - Getting Started

DrillCover Hex System - Loading Instructions Video on Right

DrillCover Hex System - Unloading Instructions Video on Right

DrillCover Hex System - Cleaning Instructions


Cover Specifications
Barrier Level Level 4 ANSVAAMI PB70 barrier performance against fluid penetration

Linen: certified to 75 use cycle as Level 4 barrier

Chuck: tested over 300 use cycles, likely significantly longer lifetime

Registration Securos is a registered establishment with the US FDA
Sterilization Steam autoclave 30 minutes exposure time at 121 C


Drill Specifications
Voltage 12 V batter, rechargeable on 110-120 V AC
Speed Variable drill speed 0-1050 RPM
Torque Drill stall-torque of 27.3 in-labs (3.1 N-m); comparable with surgical drills
Battery 2x lithium ion, rechargeable, at least 30 minute continuous unloaded run time on full charge


Ordering Part Numbers
062723 Drill Kit Complete Arbutus 
062794 Drill Linen Arbutus 
062795 Adaptor Chuck Arbutus 
062796 Chuck Key Arbutus